Lithium Polymer Battery's (Instructions)

Instructions for using a Lithium Polymer battery:
Please Read though all the Safety instructions before using your Li-Po battery


-Failure to read and follow these instructions when using your Li-Po battery may result in fire, injury or damage to property.

-As you read and follow these instructions and use your Li-Po battery you assume responsibility for using a     Li-Po battery and we at are not liable for any problems or issues caused by the useof your Li-Po battery.



-Check the battery, wires and connecters for any defects before use

-Use Only a Charger that is approved for charging Lithium batteries

-Make sure to charge each cell equally in the battery, this can be done with a balancing charger or a Li-Po Balancer used with your Li-Po charger

-Set the correct cell count on your charger

-DO NOT leave your battery charging unattended

-Use a safe surface for charging your battery’s so in case of a fire minimal damage will be caused

-DO NOT puncture the cell

-If the battery swells, quickly place the battery in a fire safe place let it sit for a couple of hours then safely discharge then discard the battery

-Charge the battery in an open and ventilated area

General Use:

-Do not directly expose the Battery to extreme hot or cold temperatures

-Do not let the Li-Po battery sit in direct sunlight

-Stop using the Battery once you see a noticeable decline in its power to prevent it from completely going dead, if a Li-Po battery is completely dead you won’t be able to recharge it again.

-Make sure the battery is properly protected to prevent it from being damaged

-Wait at least 30 minutes to charge your battery after use.

-Store your Li-Po battery in a fire safe place with a temperature between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit