Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy:

It is our goal at Ajaxcustoms.com to ensure repairing and/or replacing any defective or non functional part in our products that are covered by our warranty. We will need some help from you in order to provide you with fast and effective service. If you are having problems with one of our products please contact us at service@ajaxcustoms.com please be ready to give us as much information as possible about the problem so that we may better assist you in resolving the issue. Some problems might be easily solved without having to send the product back to us. If the problem cannot be resolved by e-mail then we will assist you in starting the warranty process. Claims for the warranty must be made within the warranty period. Please DO NOT send anything back without first contacting us about making a warranty claim.  

-The warranty period begins when the product is delivered and received

All Ajax Custom Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) purchased from Ajaxcustoms.com are covered by the Ajaxcustoms.com warranty policy for 1 year.

The Ajaxcustoms.com warranty only applies to the internal parts of the AEG and not the external parts of it or the battery or charger of the AEG

Ajaxcustoms.com at our discretion reserves the right to determine which cases will be approved for the warranty claim.

The ajaxcustoms.com warranty is used to cover defects and not problems caused by user error.

Please give correct and clear information concerning the issue of your product when making a claim for the warranty.

If false information is used to make a claim for the warranty, the warranty service will be denied upon inspection of the product when it is received by our staff, due to falsely given information.

All approved claims will be serviced under our warranty policy. Ajaxcustoms.com retains the right to service items under the warranty with refurbished, Functional or new products or parts.

Most of the products we sell are repairable

The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs when sending and receiving an item for the warranty service.

In the event that an item is not able to be repaired, Ajaxcustoms.com reserves the sole right to replace the item. If a replacement is not available then store credit will be given.

-Please Note, the Ajaxcustoms.com warranty only applies to the Ajax Customs internal parts of the AEG Rifles, and excludes anything not made by Ajax customs. Parts by other manufactures are covered by the warranties of those companies.

Issues that will void the warranty of our products:

Misuse, Abuse and Neglect:

The Misuse, abuse and/or neglect of your product will void the warranty of it. Damage caused by storing the product improperly, dropping the product, exposing the product to extreme weather conditions and/ or liquids are examples of improper use and will void your warranty.

Using improper BB’s:

DO NOT USE .12g BB’s doing so will damage your airsoft gun and void the warranty

The use of incorrect BB’s will void your warranty and cause internal damage to your airsoft weapon, therefore it is important that you only buy BB’s from a trusted airsoft supplier and not from large department stores, sporting goods stores or any other non airsoft specific supplier.

Upon inspection, bad quality BB’s will generally have seams in them and be oval in shape, due to these imperfections these types of BB’s will cause damage to the internal parts of your airsoft weapon.


Failures due to any kind of attempted modification externally or internally will void the warranty. If the product is disassembled by someone besides the staff at Ajaxcustoms.com that product will not be covered under the ajaxcustoms.com warranty policy.

External and Internal parts:

For internal parts we can only cover them by warranty if there are obvious signs of defect.  These parts cannot have any signs that they have been used or installed in any way and must be defective out of the package in order to be covered by the warranty. The Ajax Customs Warranty only covers the internal parts of the AEG, and not the external parts of it. In some cases external parts are already covered by the warranty of its own manufacturer.


It is our goal at Ajaxcustoms.com to serve you and make sure we provide you with working and functional products, if you have any questions concerning our warranty policy please contact us.